Variations on the theme “My first camera” (a Nikon FG-20).

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#1: My subject.

#2: Old and new: my FG-20 and my D7000.

#3: A self portrait

#4: Ready to go

#5: Instax on one of the books that influenced me the most (Irving Penn)

#6: Light painting!

#7: Light painting again, with film emulation

#8: In the bag I used to carry around. Three other lenses (35-70mm, 135mm, 70-210mm), a strobe, a film roll, a box with the filters in the front pocket. I love this bag but honestly this is not a great photo.

#9: iPhone with Olloclip 15x


#10: iPhone with Olloclip 10x


#Bonus pic: a picture of a print