I began photographing quite early, with huge gaps in the middle. I don’t think of myself (neither by skills nor by motivation) as a “pro”, but I am always glad to be involved in interesting projects and creative challenges of various sorts (feel free to contact me if you have one).

I prefer digital most of the times – I’m an ex Nikon fanboy recently converted to Fujifilm – but I occasionally take various analog cameras out for a ride (35mm, 120 or instant).

I still think and previsualize in terms of classic film photography, favouring the look and feel of Ilford FP4 and HP5 above all (OK, maybe T-Max too).

From my point of view, a photo is complete only when printed: for this, Hahnemühle matte paper in A3+ size is my first choice.

On peaceful Sunday afternoons, I love to scare the crows screaming at my really-too-often-jammed Epson printer.

All my other activities are collected here.