Assignment 1: Beginnings

November 2016

  • Writing: Write the beginning of a story in four sentences. Not one more, not one less: they must be four. Don’t think about what would happen next.
  • Photography: Take one picture. Choose your subject carefully and focus on composition. No filters or post-processing allowed.

Assignment 2: Variations

December 2016

  • Writing: Write again from scratch the story you wrote for assignment 1. This time there’s no limit to its length. Feel free to explore alternatives, to start again, to take other directions, to experiment with styles. Then do it again. Then again: the assignment requires you to re-write your beginning three times.
  • Photography: Take ten pictures of the subject of assignment 1. If it’s not available anymore (and only in this case), you can freely choose another subject. Feel free to experiment, just create ten different images (no limit on style, technique or processing).

Analysis of the assignment: coming soon (a comment in italian is already available here – external link).

Assignment 3: Pay attention

January 2017

  • Writing: keep a notebook with you at all times. Write down at least one sentence every day about something you noticed during that day. You’re free to write more, of course – but do your best to write something every day.
  • Photography: take a photo every day (selfies not allowed). Shoot, process and post it somewhere, a place you can use as your own repository (it could be Instagram or any other social network): the destination is irrelevant, but the photo must “go” to ratify that it’s “done”.

Analysis of the assignment: coming soon (a comment in italian is already available here – external link).

Assignment 4: Negative Space

February 2017

Description coming ASAP (busy days!).

A summary in italian is available here (external link).

Assignment 5: “A pencil”

March 2017

That’s it! Easy peasy.